10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes to Wear to Work

I love to go all out for Halloween – crazy makeup, elaborate outfits, you name it! However when it comes to work, I still love to be festive but want to keep it easy and practical. I just wanted to post a quick list if any of you are scrambling to think of something simple to wear to the office! Here are my favorite 10 last minute Halloween costumes to wear to work.

I won the office halloween contest last year FYI with this “smarty pants” costume 🤓

1. Smarty pants – throw on some glasses, a collared shirt, and tape smarties candies to your pants!! If you have an old pair of pants that you can hot glue the smarties on-to, that works better.

2. Smart cookie – You can also do the same things as smarty pants, but carry around either a box of cookies with you or tape cookie printouts on your pants!

3. Bread winner – Wear sports clothes or a blue t-shirt, put a metal around your neck, and carry a loaf of bread with you!

4. Chip on your shoulder – Wear a yellow t-shirt and tape or hot glue a mini bag of lays potato chips on your shoulder!

5. Pig in a blanket – Wear a pair of pig ears and a nose and wrap yourself in a blanket! At least you’ll stay cozy in the office!

6. Copy Cat – On a white t-shirt, use adhesive black letters to spell copy and wear cat ears! You know you have a pair of cat ears laying around somewhere.

7. Someone that works at Dunder Mifflin – Throw on your best boring blue collared shirt and a suit and you’re good to go!

8. 50 shades of grey – Most of the time 50 shades of grey wouldn’t be appropriate for work lol but for a PG version you can pick up grey paint swatches for your hardware store – maybe 50 shades? – and tape them to a plain t-shirt!

9. Raining men – Depending on the office this could also be on the border of appropriateness lol but you can tape pictures of your favorite male celebrities on your shirt and carry an umbrella! or you can string the pictures on  fishing line and dangle them from your umbrella!

10. A scarecrow – My go-to is always a scarecrow! If you have a plaid shirt and a straw hat even better! And if you don’t have time to pick up orange paint you can always just use your bronzer on a smaller brush for the cheek circles and on the nose.


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