Sleepless in Seattle

As I write this post, I’m sitting in my boyfriends living room in Norway. Crazy right?! It’s less than 15 degrees outside and there’s snow everywhere 🙂 It’s completely magical. I just got here so I don’t have enough pictures to write a post, but stay tuned! I’ll be talking Norway non-stop in a couple days. 

During my visit to Portland, Thomas and I decided to take a weekend trip to Seattle. We used airbnb which is one of the coolest things to do if you’re traveling, and it often times saves you money! People rent out their apartments or houses for weekends or longer periods of time. It’s so crazy how people just let you sleep in their bed and all of their stuff is out in the open lol. Airbnb is based on a rating system though, so we could see how other people had rated their stay with this couple, and in turn the couple rated us after we had left. Every morning we cooked in the kitchen and one of the nights we made dinner, so that also saved us a lot of money. 

Our main sight-seeing  day, we went to the top of the space needle, wandered around the Pike Place Market,  and contributed to the disgustingness at the famous gum wall. The Pike Place Market is famous for it’s fresh seafood. So first we tried a sesame tuna cup and a fresh shelled crab cup. So tasty 🙂 We were still hungry so we decided to wait in a line that was wrapped around the building waiting to get the best chowder in the area. If you’re in the area make sure you go to Pike Place Chowder! It’s definitely worth the wait. Of course we’re always foodies and fatties, so we tried the clam chowder, seafood chowder, and the oyster stew. It was all SO good, and perfect for a chilly day in Seattle. The last thing we did was visit the famous gum wall. Absolutely disgusting. But cool lol. The smell of double bubble and peoples spit filled the air! Bleh. 

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