Luxemburg, Ladurée, and Lock Key

In our last days in Paris, we wanted to get as much accomplished as possible. It happened to be my two favorite days of the trip, because it didn’t require us to do a lot of running around. We just sat and enjoyed the sites and each other. Our first stop was Luxemburg gardens. It was one of the only beautiful days we had in Paris, so we grabbed delicious salmon bagels and plopped ourselves down for a good few hours. It was cool, but the sun was so bright that it put me right to sleep. I already knew before this trip that I was a heavy sleeper, but now I DEFINITELY know. I’ve slept on loud coaches, bustling metros, and in a garden that was full of chattering people. I think it’s an excellent quality to have 🙂

After a long cat nap we were en route to a good gelato place we heard about. I got two flavors, pistachio and Nutella. Oh my God. Regular ice cream will never be the same after that. Then we stopped at a Brandy Melville to pick up a few things. I was in desperate need of a warm sweater. Oh, and that black bandeau and dress I needed so badly. Whoops!

Next on our list was Ladurée, which is a famous Macaroon shop. I had never had a macaroon before so I was super excited to see what all the rave was about. Although they tasted delicious, I was slightly disappointed. I was expecting a light and airy treat, but it was super heavy and rich. Regardless it was a good experience and the pictures turned out cute.

We ended our day on lock key bridge. It was incredible to see all of the locks piled on every inch of the bridge. It was really sweet to see all of the girls throwing the keys into the water and smiling with the thought of returning to Paris in love. Every couple of years they cut off many of the locks which is kind of a depressing thought, but I wrote down exactly where mine was so if I ever come back I can find it!


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