Vintage Shops and Food Truck Pit Stops

One of my favorite days in London was wandering down Portobello Road. Naturally, the first shop I went into was a vintage shop filled with turquoise cuffs, handmade leather bags and dream catchers. Anyone who knows me can tell you that most of the jewelry I own is turquoise, and my nana has passed down so many cool turquoise rings and earrings to me. I ended up passing up the most beautiful cuff which cost €135 because that’s obviously way to much for a backpackers budget. We weaved in and out all day of vintage shops that housed some of the most unique antiques I’ve ever come across. I also tried on a pair of boots that were fit for lady gaga herself. If they would’ve fit into my backpack I would have bought them for sure! We watched street performers, sang “here comes the sun” with a local musician, and stuffed our face with some of the best food truck snacks I’ve ever had. Seafood paella, huge burgers, coconut water out of fresh coconuts, and the most delicious chocolate filled donuts i’ve ever had made up our diet for the day. To me when you’re traveling, seeing monuments and hisorical sites are a must. But the days that you remember the most are the ones where you come across a beautiful landscape unexpectedly, meet a stranger who you’ll remember forever, or walk down a road with new friends and find hidden treasures. 

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