Just Touched Down in London Town

So it’s been weeks since my last post, because I’ve been off having too much fun for my own good. As you know I studied in Paris for two weeks and then London for two weeks. My friend Amber met me in London and from there we backpacked all over Europe for a month and a half. We just got home on July 7th! As much as I love home and being with my family and friends, I can honestly say that I could have stayed in Europe forever. I definitely have the travel bug now, and don’t be surprised when I move there in December. It’s a very good possibility 🙂 I’m just not ready to settle down and get a big girl job quite yet. 

So, since I spent two weeks in London, I had a ton of time to explore the city and find all of the best nooks and crannies. From seeing the Queen in her little blue suit to trolling the streets of Camden I can honestly say I got the most out of London as possible.

Here’s a few of my favorite things!

1) Playing on the lawn in front of Benny

2) Going full on tourist in the telly booth

3) Trying everything possible to make the guard smile. I think I got a wink at one point 😉

4) Having a larger ass in Kensington Palace

5) Channeling my inner Hufflepuff at Kings Cross Station

6) Giving Benny a kiss goodbye

7) Having orgasmic pancakes at The Breakfast Club in Soho. If you ever go to London and don’t visit The BC i’ll be highly disappointed. 

8) Getting fancy with high tea at Bill’s

9) Wearing all floral to Wicked. Copy cats 😉

10) Falling in love with the guy from Once the musical

11) Seeing the Queen drive away from Buckingham in her robins egg blue suit and hat. So damn cute. 

12) Having a surprisingly delicious vegetarian breakfast from Bill’s.

13) Hitting Camden hard with these ladies

14) Going on the London eye….twice.

15) Having a guard secretly show us Anne Boleyn’s burial site. 

16) Being goofy day and night

17) Having countless pints and fish and chips. The best was at Poppies!

18) But, the best thing of all was making lifelong friends. Love you guys!

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