Danish Cuisine

You know me! Everywhere we go we’re searching for best local food, Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen is home to 15 Michelin star restaurants among these the best restaurant in the world, Noma. Although we couldn’t afford Noma (one day!), we did try some of the most popular Danish dishes. Smørrebrød, which is an open faced sandwich, is the common lunch fare served on rye bread with plenty of delicious toppings. If that doesn’t satisfy you, then stop by one of the many hot dog stands around Copenhagen. 

The first day we wanted to try out Aamanns. Aamanns carries out the tradition of open faced sandwiches but takes it to a super cool level, while remaining truly Danish – sild (herring), ost (danish cheese), or tartarmad (raw beef) for example. We tried four different ones and they were all amazing. Try it with a danish beer or schnapps which is very common in Denmark. 

Since going to Copenhagen was our Christmas gift to each other, we wanted to share a really good meal. We had discussed going to Noma, but we decided to save a little money and go to Oliver and the Black Circus. Plus, more money for drinks 😉 Oliver and the Black Circus is tucked away, cozy, and hip without trying too hard. The interior was designed with back lit bricks, blackboard painted walls and ceilings with chalk art, sofa-like booths, and tons of candles. We had a five-course meal and instead of doing wine pairing we chose to do hand-crafted cocktails. SO GOOD! Dishes in order 1) Squid (with squid ink!) 2) Steamed mussels 3) Root vegetables 4) Pork cheek 5) Cheese plate 6) Dessert, I had cucumber granite with ice cream and Thomas had chocolate mouse 

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