I’m A Pacific Northwesterner

I’ll always be a Florida girl at heart but I can officially call Oregon my new home away from home. I’ve been here a little over a month and I am utterly in love. Of course I’m homesick, as any girl would be who is living thousands of miles away from her family and friends, but I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else right now. I’m sorry for my lack of updating. Since the moment I’ve moved it’s been nothing but ikea building, job-starting, Portland exploring madness. 

Having my mom move me here was wonderful. Although it was a tearful goodbye, she made the big move so much easier. We spent our days putting together Ikea furniture and exploring the city, and our nights eating dinner and drinking wine on the floor. I can’t wait for her and the rest of the fam to get back up here!  

My blog posts have been sparse lately due to the fact that when I get home from work I just want to flop down on the couch and become immobile haha. I wake up at 6 am and normally don’t get home until around 5:30 pm so it’s quite a long day. Although the days are long I absoultely love my job. The people I work with are fun and fantastic and the work environment is fast paced and changing everyday which is perfect for me. I work on the 38th floor of the tallest building in Portland, so my view is incredible. Having a big-girl job is pretty great afterall 😉

I’ll spare you the gushy talk, but being near Thomas is perfect. We spend our weeknights going for runs and walks around my neighborhood, cooking together, and watching our favorite shows. Our weekends are normally pretty packed because there is so much to do!! Even if we’re here for a couple years it’s hard to imagine getting to do everything we want. We’ve been to Mt. Hood and the Oregon coast, but there is still Mount St. Helens, tons of trails and waterfalls I want to see, several hot springs, and more of the coast. Portland is overflowing with amazing restaurants, sweet shops, breweries, bars, and boutiques. I’m trying to save money but it’s so hard in this town! I’ll do a post coming up of a few great places I’ve already been to. 

Today I’m off to take some pictures of Portland to blow up and hang on my walls 🙂 I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. XO

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