Oneonta Gorge

Someone at work the other day said “I saw your blog!” and I thought ‘Oh yeah, I do have one of those’! I’m sorry I’ve been so neglectful. I sit in front of a computer everyday for hours on end at work, so when I get home I’m not to keen to look at screens any longer. But I’m making it a new goal to at least post once every week or two. I can ditch one Game of Thrones episode to make a little room for a blog post 😉 If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones you are missing out!! HBO GO has been the greatest thing ever lately…or it’s ruined my life however you want to look at it lol. I could watch Game, Girls, or True Detective forever if I didn’t stop myself. 

I promise I don’t only watch TV 🙂 On the weekends we try and get out as much as possible and explore this beautiful state we’re living in. A few weeks back we went to Oneonta Gorge. It is truly one of the must see “wonders” of the U.S. It’s located in the Columbia River Gorge about an hour outside of Portland. When we went it was still pretty chilly out on a daily basis, but we went on a sunny day so it wasn’t as brutal. The cool thing about Oneonta is that the stream is the trail that leads you to the waterfall at the end.  I looked on Instagram the morning of our adventure and saw other people’s posts about Oneonta. The pictures were absolutely beautiful but everyone was saying there’s a portion of the stream that you have to wade through! I knew it was going to be freezing but we decided to go for it! At the beginning of the trail you have to climb over a big heap of fallen trees. It was a little nerve racking at first because the trees are a little slippery and if you misstep you could really hurt yourself I’m sure! Because there were a few obstacles, It made the hike a lot more quiet and peaceful since there wasn’t so many people. Once we made it over the mountain of trees we stepped our toes into the frigid water!

I’m being dramatic, the water wasn’t that cold but it sure as hell took my breath when I had to swim through it! There’s a curve of the tail right before the waterfall where the water gets pretty deep. A thought I could just casually wade through the deep part, but I’m so short that the water came all the  way up to my chest! When the water hit me It took my breath and all I wanted to do was go faster to get through it so I just started swimming lol. I felt so bad for the girls behind me, yet I was dying laughing. One of he girls tried to scale the rock wall and go around the deep pool, but she lost her footing and went crashing into the water! Poor girl was screaming haha. 

The waterfall was absolutely beautiful. The deep shadows of the gorge mixed with rays of sunlight peeking through made it such a unique experience. With our toes completely numb and permanent goosebumps embedded into our skin, we slowly made our way back down the trail. After hilariously trying to change out of our wet clothes by wrapping a towel around each other on the side of the road, we stretched out in the sun to dry out. All Portlanders, Oregonians, and future travelers Oneonta Gorge is a MUST SEE.

More adventures coming! I’ll try not to slack this month 😉

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