Sweet Spot // Salt & Straw

When we first moved to NW 23rd Ave and I walked down the street for the first time to go to the cute little boutiques, I stopped right in my tracks when I smelled sweet waffle cones wafting from all directions. It is honestly the most mouth watering smell, which is only ONE of the many things that gets you hooked to Salt & Straw.  


Kim and Tyler Malek, the cousin duo and founders of Salt & Straw, use only local ingredients and create innovative favors based on what’s going on seasonally or special events happening that month. Some of the off the wall combinations that are best sellers on their menu include Pear with Blue Cheese, Strawberry Honey Balsalmic with Black pepper, or Arbequina Olive Oil. Although they sound crazy, the flavors are subtle and absolutely delicious. But don’t you worry, they also have those classic ice cream concoctions like Chocolate Gooey Brownie, Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, or my favorite Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons. OH. MY. GAWD. 

 On top of having the most amazing, flavor packed, small batch ice cream they also do something special while you wait in line… they give you samples of AS MANY FLAVORS AS YOU WANT. So whether that be only 1 or 10, you can try as many as possible on these cute little spoons until you find the perfect one for you. That’s probably why the line is wrapped around the building 9/10 when you go by.

If Thomas and I are ever too lazy to wait in line, we always skip ahead and grab one of their pints!

Salt & Straw + couch + favorite show = pure bliss

It’s only a few of their most popular, but the Sea Salt with Caramel is always there…so I’m set!

Salt & Straw has three shops in Portland – NE Alberta, NW 23rd and SE Division. They are also expanding into Los Angelas. I was actually just in the Arts District this past weekend and heard they are opening up a shop there. I’m a little bummed to be honest because I thought it would just be a “Portland thing”, but I guess it’s better to share the love. 

Now go grab an ice cream cone and enjoy the sticky, drippy, deliciousness! 

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