Food Truck Friday // Güero

Tucked away off Burnside and 28th Ave in one of the best food cart pods in Portland. This particular pod is over flowing with cute succulents and plants and each cart has it’s own covered seating area. Among the carts is the famed Wolf and Bear’s, but also a little Mexican gem, Güero. After I had an amazing lunch there I was curious what the name meant and found that it’s slang for a fair skinned, blond gringo! Funny right? Very fitting since the food truck’s owner Alec Morrison is exactly that. Morrison and co-owner Megan Sanchez have perfected their craft after studying cuisine from the Yucatan Peninsula. I had major food FOMO since I had to choose between a list of delicious $2 tacos, their crave worthy Torta sandwiches, or their bowls which is heaping with rice, slow-cooked meats, and topped with goodies. 

Let’s talk Torta’s. MY GOD they’re good. It’s disk shaped, fluffy and crisp all at the same time since it’s sinfully slathered with butter before being put on a griddle and crisped to golden perfection. I got the numero uno, which is pork marinated in citrus and slow cooked with lots of yummy spices. All torta’s are then topped with charred chile aioli, avocado, fresh onion, cabbage, and picked onion….I had to just stop typing to wipe the drool off the keyboard. To make it even better, add a squirt of their house made carrot habanero salsa that you can purchase by the mason jar. 

To top the experience off you can grab a beer at the Beer Bus right next door. Torta in one hand, IPA in the other. Can’t get much better than that!

The weather is PERFECT right now to go sit at this pod under the string lights, have a beer and a bite to eat. 

Happy gorging, Amigos and Amiga’s!

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