Weekly Crumbs Vol 5

The holidays are in full swing!! I can’t believe it’s only a little over a week until Thanksgiving! The next two weeks are going to be crazzzzy for us. I leave this Wednesday for training in Atlanta, get back to Portland on Friday, head BACK to Atlanta next Tuesday to drive to our cabin in Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with the fam, drive to Florida on Friday morning to be in one of my best friends weddings on Saturday, go to our wedding food tasting in Orlando on Sunday, and then fly back to Portland on Monday. Phewww! 

Through all of the craziness I can rest assured that we are going to be filling in the gaps of time with yummy food covered in turkey gravy. Lots and lots of turkey gravy. 

Here’s all of the recipes that I’ve been drooling over getting ready for Thanksgiving day! 

– This black bottom no-bake pumpkin pie with marshmallow. My gawddd. 
– The fluffiest, creamy mashed potatoes
– I love adding spice to turkey! This chile-rubbed turkey looks amazing!
– This autumn ratatouille with cauliflower ricotta béchamel could take the place of turkey for any vegetarians in the family!
– I love having fresh sides like these shaved brussel sprouts and pear salad.
– This cranberry apple sage stuffing looks so good!
A fall cheese board is perfecting for snacking all day leading up to Thanksgiving dinner!

Happy turkey planning! 🙂 

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