Weekly Crumbs Vol 6

Today I wanted to start a new version of Weekly Crumbs that you can expect every Sunday morning! Thomas and I enjoy our Sundays so much – We love sleeping in a little, waking up and drinking a cup of coffee catching up on the news or reading fun articles, and making a delicious breakfast. I love reading other bloggers posts about things they are loving at the moment, and I hope this will be a post that you will come to love as well and something you’ll look forward to reading every Sunday! I’ll be sharing things that we have encountered during the week whether it be a great book we’re reading, fun new shows, recipes we’re loving, travel recommendations, and little tidbits of what’s going on with us here in Portland.

Please comment back and share other great things you’ve encountered over the week! We would love to know and I’m sure other readers would too! 

  1. I chopped my hair off! For years my hair was down to the middle of my back and I finally made the move to chop it off and I love it! It feels so much more fresh and so much easier to maintain. Do you ever get urges just to simplify your life in every department?! I loved this article on 6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life. I have been so cluttered lately, so I’ve made it my goal in the next couple of weeks to spring clean our whole apartment, get rid of unnecessary items and clothes, clean out my email, move all photos to a hard drive and declutter my computer, and start writing a few sentences in a journal every night. Not only will it feel like I’m getting my thoughts out, but it will also be great to look back on in the future! 
  2. Thomas and I have unfortunately both had the flu all week! I caught it and then gave it to him. It’s honestly the worst, but we rested up, drank a lot of ginger tea, made comforting chicken soup and this Beef Pho, and watched more Netflix then I would like to admit. On Friday night when I was starting to feel somewhat better but still needed a warm concoction – I opted for a Classic Hot Toddy. The mix of bourbon, hot water, lemon, and honey is a perfect cure in itself 😊
  3. Since we were both sick we had to cancel our Memorial Weekend camping plans with our friends which is so sad! We were looking so forward to wake-boarding in Lake Billy Chinook, drinking by the campfire, and grilling lots of yummy things. Since we had to miss out I am even more eager for these next summer months of sunshine and BBQing. I’m looking forward to trying new grilled recipes and making hotdogs with fun toppings like Mexican-Street Corn or my favorite which is Norwegian style!
  4. Thomas has switched from flying helicopters to now flying planes and is training to become a commercial airline pilot! I am very excited for the switch because a) it’s a lot safer b) provides a better career path for him and c) we will get amazing flight benefits. I am so excited for him and I know this will be great for us since our families are in Florida and Norway and we’ll have to travel often – especially when we have children!  I loved reading this  article in last months Bon Appétit on 21 tips and tricks for travel and making your vacation that much better.  

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