Guinness & Bailey’s Ice-Cream Floats

My fam came into town last weekend and it was perfect. The Floridians braved the gloomy weather for a long weekend filled with exploring the city, eating copious amounts of food, frequenting Trader Joe’s at least three times a day, long car rides over the mountain singing songs and quoting movies, taking windy walks on the coast, watching silly seals in Astoria, helicopter rides, and most importantly spending much needed time together. I’ll blame it on winter and lack of sunshine, but I’ve been exceptionally homesick lately so It was so wonderful to spend five days with the fam. To make the weekend even better, I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS!!!! I wasn’t expecting to find it this early since we’re still a year out, but when you find “the one” you just have to go for it 🙂 On their last day in Portland, my mom and I had a girls morning (minus my little sister because she wanted to sleep in. I swear she’s 12 going on 16!) and went wedding dress shopping, brunchin’, and mimosa drinkin’ and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Now the weekend is back and I’m ready to put my big girl pants for consuming large quantities of corned beef & cabbage, green beer, and these yummy Guinness & Bailey’s ice cream floats. Honestly this is the easiest dessert ever to get in the St. Patty’s day mood. I just happened to have vanilla ice cream in the freezer, Guinness in the fridge, these cute bottles of Bailey’s in the liquor cabinet, and a bottle of Magic Shell that brings back more slumber-ice-cream party memories than I can count. If you’re not going to the pub and you’re a grandma like me, do yourself a favor and make one of these bad boys and turn on Boondocks Saints. Or, you can just sip on Bailey’s and call it good 😉

Guinness & Bailey’s Ice Cream Floats

-vanilla or chocolate ice-cream
-bottle or can of Guinness beer
-bailey’s Irish cream
-chocolate sauce or syrup (I used Magic Shell)

What to do
1) place a scoop or two of ice-cream in individual serving dishes
2) pour 1 oz of Bailey’s over ice-cream
3) top with Guinness beer
4) drizzle with chocolate sauce
5) eat with a spoon, drink with a straw, and go to bed fat & happy and feeling like an Irishman!

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