Weekly Crumbs: Vol. 4

Hey Hey! I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Our week kicked off with watching the eclipse on Monday. How cool was that?! We were in Portland so we saw like 99% or something like that, so we didn’t see it in all of it’s glorious totality, but it was still quite the sight and completely mesmerizing. We were standing on the bridge that you see in the photo above – It was so cool to feel the temperature drop so quickly and the eeriness of all of the street lamps flicking on as it went dark. I’m curious, where did all of you watch it?! 

The rest of the week went by in a blur. I feel like between work, wedding planning, this little blog, and all of the other things we’ve had on the schedule lately has made the summer whiz by in a flash! I am trying to hold on to the last bit of summer by eating lots of tomatoes, berries, salads, and anything else where you don’t have to have the oven on all day. 

Here’s some of my favorite summer recipes and what I’m lusting after to make in the next couple of weeks!

This peach, melon, basil and burrata salad. Looks so fresh!

Rustic Heirloom Tart of my dreams.

Our seared salmon with creamy lemon-dill sauce. So gooood.

All the sweet corn recipes I can get my hands on. 

The most to-die for blackberry-blueberry crumble pie.

This gingered peach bourbon thyme smash is definitely on my need-to-make cocktail list. 

I’m most definitely on this vegan chocolate no-churn ice-cream train. 

Braised artichokes with white wine and lemon. Literally salivating thinking about these. 

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