Weekly Crumbs Vol 7

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Thomas and I are currently being the biggest lazy bums on the couch binge watching The Office and we just ate breakfast at 1:00 in the afternoon πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ We were out until 3:00AM last night on a 90’s themed boat cruise with my work and it was an epic evening to say the least. We partied on as Garth and Wayne in the company of Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly, Bill Gates, Marky Mark, Ace Ventura, and many others rocking jean jackets and jorts. 

  1. After Thomas and I decided to dress up as Wayne’s World, it got be thinking of all the great movies I need to re-watch from the 90’s! Here’s an awesome list from Rolling Stone of the 100 Greatest Movies of the Nineties! Or this list of 16 foods that 90s kids grew up eating! Toaster Strudels and Kid Cuisines were my jam. 
  2. The weather in Portland has been so incredible – high 70’s and not a cloud in the sky! On Saturday we hiked up to Forest Park and found a little spot to soak up the sun! My favorite summer beer is Cucumber Crush from 10 Barrel which is a brewery right by our apartment! Now they are selling cans in local grocery stores! πŸ™ŒπŸ» I really want to try the Reuben’s Brews Summer IPA along with these other Best Summer Beers of 2018!
  3. We went to Boxer Ramen for the first time last weekend and I am in love! I love their simple menu where you choose from only a couple of ramen choices (my favorite is the Spicy Red Miso) and sides like the seaweed salad. Our next trip to Asia will definitely include a stop in Tokyo where we will be in Ramen land 🍜 This list of the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo by CondΓ© Nast is definitely bookmarked. 
  4. It’s finally strawberry season!! It’s just starting, so they aren’t at their peak yet, but Thomas and I stopped at our local Zupan’s over the weekend and got a carton and it was pure juicy sweet deliciousness. These strawberry panna cotta tarts from last year are definitely on my mind to make! What are some of your favorite summer strawberry desserts?! 

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