Weekly Crumbs Vol 12

Ice-cream and I have had a very long love affair. When I was little my Nana would let me eat mint-chocolate chip ice-cream for breakfast and (warning:this is gross) I would spit the chocolate chips back into the bowl after sucking off the ice-cream and then eat all the chips again at the end…Please don’t leave! I don’t do that now, promise 🙂 I may not eat ice-cream for breakfast any more, but it does make my heart happy to keep it on-hand in the freezer at all times. In honor of National Ice-Cream Day today, we went to Salt & Straw before lunch and now we’re heading to the coast and we will probably have another cone before the end of the day, because we just gotta on a day like today. Happy Sunday Friends!

My favorite ice-cream to have on-hand:

– Talenti Sea-Salt Caramel
Trader Joe’s Mint Chip
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ( Love the big cookie dough pieces)
Häagen-Dazs Strawberry (ze best)

Homemade-ice cream recipes I want to try this summer! 

This Boozy Limoncello Ice-Cream looks amazing!
Cookie Dough Ice-Cream Sandwiches
– This Roasted-Green Tea Gelato looks interesting and so refreshing!
– Need these Pistachio Pops with Dark Chocolate

In non ice-cream news…

-We bought our tickets to Tennessee for my brother’s wedding in October – So excited! They are getting married at Dancing Bear Lodge where we had our family vacations every summer growing up. I’m so excited to show Thomas the old stompin’ grounds 🙂

– We watched A Quiet Place last night – I had such high hopes and was utterly disappointed. It was entertaining I suppose, but I can’t get into creature movies like that! What did you guys think?!

I bought a new camera lens yesterday and I am so excited to see how it steps up my photog game! I got the affordable 35mm f1.8 which is a prime lens. Last night I could already tell how much better my pictures were so stay tuned!

We made homemade chicken Gyro’s last night and OH MY GODDD they are good. I love lamb gyro’s so much, but chicken is a lot easier and just as good when you marinate it right! Covered in a tomato cucumber salad, garlicky tatziki, wrapped up in a warm pita. Coming to the blog this week!

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