Weekly Crumbs Vol 13

Caught feeling up the tomatoes at the farmer’s market…Thomas was like “you probably shouldn’t touch them so much unless we buy them”, and I told him that you have to check to make sure they are heavy and smell good, duh! I guess it is a little gross if you think about how many people are doing the same thing and sticking the tomato right up to their nose to smell it…but that’s why you wash them right?! We spent the weekend being very low-key – Friday night we drank wine, made pasta, and unfortunately turned on a documentary called Paradise Lost on HBO that was so disturbing and nuts but we couldn’t stop watching! On Saturday we we went to the Farmer’s Market, ate one of the best Porchetta sandwiches ever, and then went to a Chinese place for dinner. You think our life revolves around food much? 🙂 

If you want to do it right at the Farmer’s market

1) don’t forget to bring your own tote to carry all of your goodies home
2) take advantage of all the samples
3) it’s okay…steal a blackberry or two to eat
4) Pick up your tomatoes and make sure they are heavy for their weight and give them a sniff

If you need a good cocktail recipe to cool of in this heat

I am making a boozy watermelon punch recipe today for the blog, but these are a few others that are on my agenda to make! Grapefruit Mojitos, Cantaloupe Margs, Hibiscus Gin Sour

If you’re in the market for a new face-mask

I just bought the Hawaiian detox warming mud mask from alba botanica and I’m obsessed. If feels so good on your face, warm at first when you apply it and then a cooling sensation as it sits, and my skin felt so refreshed and smooth after washing it off

If you want a playlist to listen to while you cook 

I have been listening to this Relax and Unwind playlist for over 2 years almost daily and it NEVER GETS OLD. 

Link love for the week

– I was sad to hear of Jonathan Gold passing who I think is the only food critic to ever win a Pulitzer. I enjoyed this article about him! 
– A look inside Jessica and Justin’s NYC penthouse. 
– Melania wine, Melania cakes, and Melania tours of her hometown in Slovenia… 
– The best summer movies to watch this weekend
– The prettiest town in every state

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