Weekly Crumbs Vol 16

I don’t know if it’s the brisk fall air starting to move in, but I am in such a camping mood! I want all the campfires and s’mores that I can handle! Our impromptu camping trip last weekend has sparked us to plan another one for in two weeks with friends and I can’t wait! What is your camping essentials? We are getting better and better each time  but I swear there is something I always forget. Most of the time we cook everything over the fire, but we recently bought a Coleman stove and it was so nice to have just to boil water for coffee or just heat something up quickly instead of relying on the fire. If you guys have any other tried and true camping tips I’d love to hear before our next trip! 

Here is some of my favorite things from around the internet this week! 

– Here’s a camping essentials list as a good starting point
– These sesame chocolate chip cookies look amazing!
– Enjoy tomato toasts for as long as possible before the end of summer
– Putting these 10 books on my reading list
– This is kind of off the wall, but this article in the New Yorker was so fascinating about these women who identify as witches! I’m getting into the halloween spirit 🙂 
This early-fall bourbon cocktail is making an appearance next weekend. 
– We went to a friends for a Korean BBQ party this weekend and it was so fun! 
– Have you guys used anything with activated charcoal yet? I’m intrigued!

Blogger Love 

Love Taza – One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers! 
Lee From America – great health and wellness blog
Bev Cooks – She’s hilarious, has great recipes, and likes rosé a lot. My kind of woman!

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