Weekly Crumbs Vol 15

Happy Happy Monday! How was your weekend?! I had a lot of wedding festivities again this weekend kicking off with a joint bachelorette party for two of my closest friends on Friday that involved Fireball shots, too much Rosé (not the best combo), penis straws, and more fun than we could handle. Let’s just say Saturday I was not my best self. I mustered up enough strength to get to my hair appointment and then dragged my body into Kure where they seriously did cure me with a ginger shot and green juice. Sunday morning I continued on the recovery train with making the best quinoa bowl with a jammy egg and a detox beet juice before heading out to another bridal shower. So many weddings this year but I love it! 

Have a great week – And here are some links and other sprinkles from last week! 

If you want to throw the best bachelorette party

I think this is a good general list. You can go two ways – classy with no penis decor, or go all out…I prefer the later 😉

If you need a hangover cure 

Ginger shots all the way

If your husband is as cool as mine, he’ll buy you a new pair of sneaks

I came home the other day and Thomas had bought these awesome green Adidas sneaks for me just because. Brownie pointsss. 

Blogger love 

A cup of Jo – Love her range of topics she covers! 
A Cozy Kitchen – obsessed with her recipes, her kitchen, and her corgi
Gal Meets Glam – I mean – can I just have her closet please?

Recipe Love

Corn and jalape̱o gnocchi bake Рyes please
Beet hummus – I’m really on a beet kick right now
This tomato tart – give me all the heirlooms
Strawberry Peach Fros̩ Рyes yes yes

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