Our Story


Hi, we’re Hillary & Thomas!

Our story goes a little something like this – Norwegian boy meets Florida girl  on a cruise sailing back from the Bahamas on the very last night on the ship.  During our  first conversation one of things I remember most is talking about our love of food. After weeks of dating, I then find out that he was a chef in Norway! (we laugh about it now, because one of the first dinners I made him I wasn’t sure how well he could cook so I was showing him how to tell when a steak is done, and I just remember him having a cute little grin on his face!)

Fast forward four years later and we’re living in one of the biggest foodie cities in the country, Portland Oregon. Of course we love trying some of the best restaurants and food carts there is to offer, but our favorite thing to do is to come home and cook together. I love that he can teach me things about Nordic cuisine and I can teach him about southern cooking and my roots. This blog is a reflection of  our obsession with food, culinary adventures, and little tidbits of our life together. Thanks for stopping by!