Second Trimester Recap

Sharing my second trimester recap but we are in the 4 week countdown my friends! We are in deep into the third tri, embracing acid reflux and all but I wanted to share a little 2nd trimester recap for you! It’s been quiet around these parts lately as we get ready for baby K’s grand debut. If you didn’t catch it, we are waiting until delivery to find out the gender so we’re on the edge of our seats right about now! You can read all the other first trimester details here!

I am feeling relaxed and refreshed after getting back from our little babymoon in the Florida Keys! Thomas planned a surprise trip to Marathon and I couldn’t have asked for a better one last hoorah before we become a family of three. We got home and also took maternity photos over the weekend as well so it was a happy baby-filled week to say the least. The finishing touches are being done to the nursery, carseat is installed, stroller put together, and the last onesie is washed so now we are just anxiously waiting for baby!! SO CRAZY to think we will bringing home a new little human with us from the hospital in a short amount of time.

I have to say, the 2nd trimester is where it’s at ladies. At least for me (and I know for many others). You have all of your energy back, nausea ceases, and you don’t have any of the late pregnancy issues yet like swelling or heartburn.

2nd trimester: Weeks 14-27

The second trimester started for me on December 2nd, so perfect timing for Christmas and to get my energy back! We also closed on our home and moved in on December 22nd, so overall my 2nd trimester was a whirlwind from moving! Here are some notable things that happened throughout my 2nd trimester that hopefully you can relate to or prepare you.


  • Energy back completely for me which was incredible especially with Christmas and moving into a new house!
  • I did start waking up more in the middle of the night due to sleep position because they tell you the left side is better for circulation. A body pillow helped me get more comfy. I use a basic one like this and love it.
  • My belly button started turning from an innie to an outie – very strange feeling lol
  • Numb hands when I sleep – Dr. said it’s carpool tunnel. I had no idea that was a common pregnancy symptom! During they day they don’t hurt at all but at night they get numb and I have sore thumbs in the morning.
  • Started noticing the blood volume increasing in my body or at least it became more noticeable during the 2nd tri. I am veiny to begin with so started seeing early signs of spider veins. I started wearing compression socks daily later in the 2nd trimester and dry brushing before showering to help with circulation. Here is the dry brush I use which helps detox the skin and reduce varicose/spider veins.


Overall I have wanted to keep things simple with my food – nothing too elaborate so that is why my creative cooking side has taken a little hiatus. I have this fairy tale idea in my mind that once the baby comes and we have them asleep for the night (ahem more like 2-3 hour stretch), Thomas and I can make romantic date night meals. I thinks it’s doable amiright mamas?! 😉 lol you guys are probably  like, dream on sister!

  • My hunger came back with vengeance – but thankfully I craved a ton of fruit (unlike my 3rd trimester where all I want is sweets..) Raspberries, cutie oranges, and blueberries were my best friend.
  •  Spicy pickled okra…I know random
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream – but when do I not crave that?


  • During your 2nd trimester you will have a 20-week anatomy scan which is so incredible! You typically have an ultrasound early on in your pregnancy, so to see all of the growth the baby has at 20 weeks is amazing. We got to see the baby suck it’s thumb and let out several big yawns! We had to keep our eyes closed when they did measurements on the lower half so we wouldn’t find out the gender! Very hard to not peep our eyes open 🙂

Cool things that happened 

  • I had been feeling little flutters for a while but the first time the baby kicked my hand was in the 2nd trimester on January 19th!
  • Movement and activity really started ramping up during 20-21 weeks for me
  • Thomas felt the baby kick his hand on January 22nd (in the 21st week)
  • The very end of the 2nd trimester (I even wrote down the day lol) on March 4th I noticed how my belly truly popped at that point and was noticeably sticking out.

Everyones journey and bodies are different, so just sharing what I have experienced. I love reading other mama’s journeys because it gives me some insight and peace of mind if they are going through similar things. Soon i’ll be sharing our maternity photos and a 3rd trimester update since we are getting close to the finish line!! 🙂


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