Weekly Crumbs Vol 30


How’s your weekend been? Currently reporting to you from my balcony because I want to enjoy being outside but a little droplet of sweat is forming because it’s so damn hot already and it’s only 10am! Who’s ready for Fall already?! I’m all about living in the moment but towards the end of summer I start anxiously awaiting the hint of Fall in the air and let’s be real…. I need some pumpkin flavored things right about now.

What to do at home

I’ve really settled into my inner-retiree self and have been puzzling the last few days. It’s therapeutic and somewhat maddening at times when you can’t find the puzzle piece you’re looking for! I’ve gotten quite a bit done since taking the picture above but I still can’t find the bottom piece of the car fender! is it lost? Are my eyes tricking me?! I’ll post a pic of the final product and I’m framing it to memorialize these crazy quarantine times. Here’s the cute retro Reno puzzle I got on Etsy. I think most people are embracing “slower” living these days. Some of my favorite things to do from being at home more:

  • Making more intricate recipes or cuisine’s we’ve never made before. I made this Khao Soi dish from bon appetite and it was literally so worth it! I also bought a ravioli cutter to make homemade ravioli from scratch!
  • Baking! I got all the stuff to make sourdough starter since I want to make our own bread more often!
  • Watching documentaries – I’ve plowed through so many docs on Netflix and I saw they just realeased The Last Dance on Netflix which is the Michael Jordan doc.
  • Organizing surprisingly… this doesn’t sound fun but it feels good to get rid of old clothes, go through your closet and drawers and even organize your fridge!
  • Sitting out on a restaurant patio – This has been so nice just getting out occasionally and eating more on outdoor patios. We normally do that anyways in the summer but now I have even more gratitude and appreciate sitting outside since all of this COVID stuff.

Summer Cocktails

Speaking of outdoor patios, we went to Rumi in the Avalon here in Alpharetta and I got the Spice Mist cocktail which is vodka, jalapeño syrup, lemon, club soda and a little fresh mint – it was so refreshing!

Here’s some other summer cocktails I’m loving:

Let’s talk masks

I went shopping today and realized that it looks like I’m totally wearing a diaper with this white mask! Since they are mandatory most places now, might as well be functional as well as cute! Here’s some places I’ve found to order cute masks!

Simple meals

Sometimes you just crave simple and homey – here’s what we’ve been making lately!

  • I could eat simple roast chicken and roast veggies on repeat. Find small cornish hens and just dry them good so the skin gets crisp, just a little salt and pepper and roast! Put in the same pan as cut up carrots, onions, and rutabaga and just let them roast all together with a little olive oil. So simple and delish.
  • I made Pinch of Yum’s chicken tinga and put it on top of tostadas with guac and pickled red onions. Spicy perfection and now I have leftovers for brown rice bowls, wraps, and salads!
  • Heirloom tomatoes and crusty bread on repeat of course.
  • Lots of arugula salads on the side with just olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper. So good alongside meat to cut the richness.
  • I made Modern Proper’s creamy hummus and have been putting it in wraps all week!

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  1. July 21, 2020 / 4:11 pm

    I love Grapefruit, so the Grape Fruit Mojito sounds amazing.

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