Weekly Crumbs Vol 32

Are you a martini person? If you are I already think you’re cooler. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but we went to Bones steakhouse and this was my first time ever having a dirty martini!! I’m normally not a vodka gal, but I love olives and I wanted to feel a little James Bondish so I went for it. So I loved the chilled first few sips, the olivyness of it and the house made blue cheese stuffed olives, but after that it was hard to get down. I mean like almost regurgitating hard. Don’t leave because I said regurgitate please. But for real, I couldn’t stomach the last bit. Maybe I’ll try it with like a lemon twist next time or with gin maybe. It’s very mad men esque so I’m working on it. 

So let’s talk steakhouses – are you a fan? I mean it’s hard not to like a sizzling steak or a large vat of Mac and cheese, BUT sometimes I feel like they are a little hyped up and you can get a tasting menu somewhere for the amount of money. Regardless Bones was delicious and it was such a fun date night out. I think creating a steakhouse night at home would be a fun little date night as well! What would be on your steakhouse menu at home? I’m thinking of doing a blog post about it! I would do pretty much exactly what we had at Bones – the best crusty bread with good salted butter, lobster bisque, bone-in ribeye for two, a decadent Mac and cheese, grilled asparagus, and cheesecake with berry compote and espresso martinis for dessert!

We have definitely been trying to get as many good food spots in Atlanta under our belt and meet up with friends before we leave. This past week we got takeout from Desta which is delicious Ethiopian food in Atlanta and brought it to a friends house who is from Ethiopia, which was fun to have her explain the different dishes. I love taking pieces of the Injera (Ethiopian flatbread) and scooping up the spicy red lentils or lamb. SO GOOD.

I also had a going away dinner with all the girls at Colletta in Alpharetta which was amazing. The best burrata and flatbread, homemade farfalle with lump crab and shrimp, chocolate cake, espresso martinis, wine – THE WORKS. Such a fun girls night. 

So here we are, and  I have prolonged packing long enough that my entire Sunday will be spent vacuum sealing winter clothes and meticulously packing glasses into boxes – fun right? It’s not too bad actually, it’s kind of nice to reorganize and get rid of everything we don’t use. We haven’t found a house yet in St. Augustine so we’ve decided to rent and then look for houses once we get there. We move next Monday which is so soon! We have been trying to use everything up in our fridge and pantry –

Here’s a few recipes we’ve been making

– Enchiladas are always my favorite – I made Gimme Some Oven’s enchilada sauce and did butternut squash, chicken, and black bean filling. I could eat these every week!

– I’ve been obsessed with Purely Pecans pecan butter – literally like pecan pie in your mouth but without the sugar. I’ve been drizzling it on my oatmeal with bananas and hemp seeds every morning.

– Late summer heirloom tomatoes on toast have been on repeat per usual. I top the toast with either a little butter, mayo, or olive oil with garlic.

– to use up old herbs and greens in the fridge we’ve been making pesto and adding it to lentil pasta, eggs, or tomato toast! Here’s my simple basil pesto, I’ve been adding spinach to it lately so it makes a lot more!

Reading and watching

– Okay remember when I told you a couple weeks ago I was diving into Verity? Literally one of the best suspense books I’ve ever read. Like I would be sitting in the bath and legitimately get creeped out. Read the description on Good Reads and order it asap. It’s also a little sexy and throws out some Shades of Grey vibes if you like that sort of thing. But a perfect read if you like a little thriller + scary + romance! Highly recommend.

– I watched the latest season of Shameless on Netflix… it’s so so shameless and my trash tv binge but hey! Some have reality tv, I have shameless.

– if you want a feel-good documentary we just watched The Speed Cubers on Netflix about Rubik’s cube solving champions, sounds geeky but honestly I was in tears watching the friendship and development of an Autistic boy who is the world champion. Definitely a good one!

Here’s some other links I’m loving this week!

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See you next week for some more weekly crumbs! Have a great week ahead!

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