Weekly Crumbs Vol 24

Somehow holiday weekends seem to go even faster than regular weekends! We spent 4th of July boating and kayaking, grilling burgers and brats, and ending the night watching fireworks out in the middle of the lake! I made a southern style potato salad with pimento cheese (how American right?), I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Here’s some other fun BBQ side dishes I have been loving lately
Mexican Street Corn Elotes
Grilled Gorganzola Potatoes
Pepper Pasta Salad

During the summer especially, all I want is to fire up the grill! Since we live in an apartment we don’t have one at the moment, so that will definitely be one of the first things we get once we buy a house! I’ve been dying to make these grilled artichokes with lemon dressing and pecorino. And these grilled lamb chops with parsley salad? Yes please! I love how people are throwing random things on the grill that end up being amazing, like grilled pineapple and avocados!

Since we can’t grill, we pan-seared these gochujang pork shoulder steaks from Bon Appetit on Friday night and turned them into lettuce wraps. So good! On Saturday, We went to our favorite city market in our neighborhood and bought fresh made pasta and mussels to make a seafood linguine with a lemon cream sauce. The best pasta everrr. We found out that this market is closing on August 18th because the landlord is increasing the rent which is so sad. I love local markets when you feel at home when you walk in the door. We bought two different kinds of homemade pâté and the butcher sent us home with a third kind for free. You wouldn’t get that at a big supermarket!

You guys are probably thinking “all these two do on the weekend is eat!” which is very true haha. But hey, we also went for runs every day which cancels everything out right?!

In non-food news here’s some other things from the weekend!
– We watched the remake of The Upside with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston. I loved it! The original French version is still my favorite, so definitely watch both if you haven’t yet!
– The Enemy was another movie we watched with Jake Gyllenhaal. It could have been such a good psychological thriller but the ending was freaking weird. I don’t want to spoil it for you in case you watch it…
– I started reading The Glass Castle, it’s already such a great book. Amazing storytelling. It’s been made into a movie as well!
– Some links I’m loving:
The best small beach towns when you want to escape big crowds...I would love to visit Maine soon!
How to mix wine-based cocktails… extra splash of rosé for me please.
23 Michelin star restaurants you can probably afford…$3 dim sum for a Michelin star, YES.
Why food lovers should visit Lyon this fall…you can find me eating the foie gras and quenelles.
Alanis Morisette talking about pregnancy at 45… love her.
7 People share the stories behind their scars… “we all have scars, some are just more visible than others.”

Have a great Sunday! You can check out past Weekly Crumbs here.

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