What we read, watched, and ate this weekend

I was feeling a little uninspired when I sat down to write a new recipe blog post last night, so I decided to do something a little different!

This weekend was restful and very much needed. After finishing my 12th day of work in a row on Friday, I was pretty much racing just to get home and throw on my sweats! It was pouring rain Friday evening and my neighborhood was still busting, so parking was annoyingly difficult to find. I finally found a tight parking spot, and in my frazzled state in the rain getting soaked, I must have left my doors unlocked. Wanna know what we found the next morning? A homeless person had rummaged through and slept in my car… The seat was fully reclined, so I’m sure they must have slept there, and all the papers that I have been hoarding in the glove box and center console were strewn out everywhere! Thank goodness I didn’t have anything valuable in the car, or the situation would have been a lot worse. The silver lining is that nothing was stolen or damaged, it forced me to clean my car completely after 10 years, someone had a dry place to sleep that night, and helped themselves to 3 year old hershey kisses and jammed out to a burnt cd from 10th grade.

Other than that little mishap it was a very mellow weekend! Here’s what we read, watched, and ate 👌🏻


  1. The new Bon Appetite Healthyish issue- loved reading about the 22 influencers that are changing the way we eat shop and live.

  2. Jenna Kutcher has been my inspo lifeline lately and inspiring me in more ways than one! I have an exciting new project i’m going to be starting, so I have been looking to her for as much business advice as possible and scoured all of her great articles this weekend. I have also been tuning into her podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast – it’s SO good!

  3. Sarah’s Key – the current novel i’m reading. It’s a heartbreaking story of the occupation in France in 1942. I don’t want to spoil anything for you in case you read it. You won’t be able to put it down.

  4. The homeless man/woman took out science flash cards that I had stuffed away deep in my glovebox. At least we both got an anatomy refresher!


– Finished the last episode of YOU on Netflix – so creepy. I will never look at Dan from Gossip Girl the same way!
Mudbound on Netflix – a very disturbing look at racism and prejudice on a rural farm in Mississippi after two men return from War World II. I wasn’t expecting for it to take the turn that it did. Definitely a heavy movie to take in but definitely worth a watch.
– L.A. Confidential
– mehh. Even though it has some big actors like Kevin Spacey and Russell Crowe, I wasn’t really a fan.
Friends – because always.
– Thomas wanted to watch Sully again – such a good movie!
– Somehow stumbled upon Ariana Grande’s wheel of musical impressions on Fallon! She’s so good at impressions!
– Highlights from the Patriots vs. Chiefs game! Excited for the Super Bowl in a couple weekends!


Friday night
Korean beef tacos: used the marinated Korean beef from Trader Joes, chopped cabbage, spicy mayo, and sliced avocado.
popcorn and chocolate chips 🙂 best combo eva.

cauliflower crust breakfast pizza – Trader Joe’s cauliflower crust topped with homemade pizza sauce, almond cheese ( I know it sounds gross, but try it!), Italian sausage, red onion, red pepper flakes, and chopped parsley!
Dungeoness crab – sounds a little extravagant, but it’s on sale right now for only $5.77 a pound! We tossed the cracked claws in a hoisin peppercorn glaze – soooo good. Recipe coming to the blog this week!
Prosecco – because that’s a food group right? 🥂

– Thomas made us the most epic Turkish eggs with pita bread, poached eggs, clementine greek yogurt sauce, spiced chickpeas and walnuts, goat cheese, and fresh herbs.
– For dinner we had Reuben sliders adapted from The Modern Proper’s recipe! Can’t wait to share these bad boys with you for the Super Bowl!


  1. Urban Bliss
    January 23, 2019 / 4:25 am

    I’ve heard YOU on Netflix was the next one I should watch! And what a yummy weekend you had — all of those dishes sound delicious!

    • January 24, 2019 / 5:23 am

      Yes, you should definitely watch YOU! You’ll watch it fast since it’s so easy to binge!

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